11 February 2022

What a busy and fun filled half of term it has been for our Year 1 pupils.

In the classroom, they’ve used balance scales and weights to measure and compare the weights of different objects; they’ve learned about 3D shapes and their properties; they’ve used puppets to act out the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Feeding of the 5000 parables; they’ve hunted in our Forest School for amazing descriptive ‘wow’ words and then created their own artwork, using both ‘wow’ words and similes to describe it; they’ve learned all about the different countries that make up the UK, their flags, capitals and national symbols; and they’ve hand written their own flood stories, taking inspiration from ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’’. Phew! And, as if that wasn’t enough, in the Other Half, our Code Crackers have learned how to program Beebots and created obstacle courses for them; and the Big Build Club has created its own Zoo, built giant jigsaws and made their own space buggies! Well done Year 1, keep on learning and keep on being busy.

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