18 March 2022

Year 8 took part in a forensic science workshop led by a leading retired forensic scientist John Bates, who explained a little about many of the techniques that a forensic scientist does, be it crime scene investigation or in the lab, plus the importance of digital footprints and being able to be expert witnesses in court, before setting the Year 8s loose on a crime scene in the lab.

In the scenario, burglars had broken in to try to steal computers but were thwarted by Lenny the caretaker who survived but was assaulted by the burglars. Everyone got togged up in their white overalls to prevent cross-contamination! Then the Crime Scene Team had to search for fingerprints, blood spatters and smears, look for the weapon, footprints and more. The Lab teams had to analyse the suspects’ clothing for blood, compare handwriting, look at their text messages, compare boot prints, puzzle together pieces from a broken car light and more. Arrests were made and a court room scene was staged in costume complete with a variety of bad wigs for the legal teams and defendants! The pupil playing the expert witness experienced strong cross-examination, and the guilty parties were sent down.

It was a fabulous afternoon. Year 8 had a fantastic time, and all played their parts with brio! Maybe a career in forensic science or cyber analysis could be some of their futures?

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