7 November 2014

We were prepared for a wet evening so were absolutely delighted when the rain stopped pouring for our annual 'Firestorm'. The crowds gathered school-side to sample the delights of hog roast, hot dogs and mulled wine and an opportunity to let the boys run off steam on the field with their light sabres glowing in the dark – always a sight to see. Fed and watered, we all crossed the footbridge to the field to see the display organised by Paul Wentworth and his crew. 'The Battle of the Houses' started the proceedings to music accompanied by a pyrotechnic band with sparking drumsticks – the Dragon, the Griffin, the Phoenix and the Unicorn shot plumes of fire at each other blazing away. Then it was time for the big display which made the crowd go 'Aah!' then 'Ooo!' then 'Wow!' as the display finished with a glorious last flourish and some very loud bangs. Thank you to everyone: staff, the JPA, Paul and his team, who made the evening go so smoothly.

Annabel Gaskell

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