7 November 2017

Friday night saw our annual Firestorm at Abingdon Prep and the weather was perfect for the evening's entertainments. Events started off school-side with our traditional hog roast and other stalls. The children had time to let off steam on the playground with their light sabres. This was Headmaster Craig's first experience of this annual event and he found it astounding seeing the glowing colours charging about in the near darkness. It was time to move over to the sports field for the fireworks display. Parent pyrotechnicist Paul Wentworth and his team treated us to some flaming cyclists as a warm-up to the Battle of the Houses. The four huge flaming metal effigies of the Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix and Unicorn shot fireworks at each other and spouted flames to the delighted cheers of the boys. This was followed by the whizzes, fizzes and bangs of the firework display to bring the evening to a close.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped to make this event such a success – all the JPA volunteers and school staff who helped, but particularly Paul and his team for the fireworks. This will be Paul's last for the school after several years of spectacular displays. Thank you.

Annabel Gaskell

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