9 March 2020

Science week at Abingdon Prep got underway with the boys in Reception enjoying making slime with Year 8. Glitter and blue food colouring were added to their bouncy slime accompanied by many happy smiles along the way.

Year 8 will be joined today by members of Oxford University to learn all about extracting chloroplasts from spinach and a host of lab techniques too. The whole school is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our chicks; Year 1 is looking after the eggs and we are all very excited about seeing them hatch later in the week. Watch this space for the ‘chick cam’ coming soon!

We have lots of fascinating activities planned for the week: Years 1 and 2 will learn about forces with boat building and rockets, Year 3 will go marbles building marble runs, Year 4 will learn how their brain helps them play cricket, Year 5 will investigate density with some visitors from St Helen’s, Year 6 will take part in a Forces show and K’Nex workshop and Year 7 will investigate the diversity of our fingerprints.

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