27 March 2019

A few weeks ago some very special visitors arrived in the Year 1 classroom. All was quiet when five perfectly formed duck eggs were safely delivered in an incubator. The peace did not last long however, as the sixth duckling had hatched in the van during transit! Within 24 hours all the ducklings hatched and the excitement was captured on the ‘duck cam’. 

Whilst the ducklings got used to their new surroundings the boys quickly started to think about names. The first to be named was Ned, after our gap student, as it was his birthday. The second was Scruffy because of his slightly disheveled appearance. The other four were named Donald, John, Sunny and Cheepy using the name out of the hat method!

As the ducklings grew older they came out of the enclosure and ventured onto the carpet. Here the boys had the opportunity of handling them. The ducklings were slowly introduced to water and by the end of the week were diving down to retrieve food. 

The ducklings have been an incredible learning opportunity for the boys. Thank you to the amazing Science department for making British Science week an unforgettable experience. 

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