18 October 2016

As part of our 'Marvellous Me' topic in Reception, we learnt about things we can do to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. Rupal, Ishaan's Mum, came in to tell us all about her job as a dentist and how she can help us to look after our teeth. We played a game where we had to sort food into groups of things that were healthy and things that were not so good for our teeth. We found out that sugary snacks and drinks between meals can cause plaque, which if left on our teeth can cause bad gums and cavities, which are holes. She brought an enormous set of teeth and a special brush which she used to show us how we need to clean our teeth very carefully. 

We found out that children have 20 teeth called milk teeth, some of which fall out when we are young, to let the grown-up teeth push through. When we are an adult we can have as many as 32 teeth! We also learnt that toothpaste has fluoride in it which helps protect our teeth and so we shouldn't rinse the toothpaste away after we have finished brushing. 

Rupal very kindly gave us all a new toothbrush. We also have a chart to show when we have been making good choices with our brushing. Two minutes is quite a long time, we thought!

Brush, brush, brush, You mustn't rush, rush, rush, When you clean your teeth in the morning, And last thing at night, Alright!

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