23 June 2017

Reception and Year 1 have just returned from a fabulous trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, where the boys had an amazing day filled with fun and new experiences. There were new babies to be seen around the zoo and the first really cool day all week meant that all of the animals were alert and active. A week old baby camel, all fluffy and wobbly, was curled up very near to the fence with her mother. A little further on there was much excitement as the lions prowled around their enclosure and all of a sudden a youngster jumped up at the window and proceeded to show us enormous paws, with enormous claws and long, sharp teeth! The boys were mesmerized as the lion continued to stare at them and then tried playing with them through the glass! As we continued on our journey around the park we were quiet enough to watch tiny wolf cubs playing in the woods, closely guarded by their parents. Even the Red Pandas delighted us by strolling along the branches of their tree to see us. What with a picnic lunch, a ride on the train and an ice-cream, we certainly had a busy and exciting time! 

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