Clubs and Activities

In addition to the music, art, sport, CDT and drama clubs, there is a huge range of other activities for the boys to try as part of their Other Half options. The range on offer reflects the very diverse nature of the boys at Abingdon Prep. They can decide to learn to code or create digital animations, they could take up German or try their hand at ancient Greek. If they want to do something practical there’s construction or gardening and they can learn chess, touch typing and Warhammer.

We are always looking to add to the activities on offer and we listen to what the boys suggest. Listed below are the current activities and clubs available.

To see the daily clubs and activities available by year group please see the activities timetable.

The pupils will have the opportunity to engage with new, exciting apps and websites to create their own animated avatars. They will practise photography, voice recording, animating, and layering using stickers, emojis and music. Come along and have fun using different apps and features on the iPads and computers.

A chance to develop our design skills, promote team work and solve a building challenge each week. There will be a variety of materials from Lego and Mobilo, to tubes and foam. In the first term the design team will work to produce a variety of homes for the tiniest of creatures to the biggest of giants.

Using our favourite RE characters to explore big questions in the Bible. How old is God? How did the world start? Why does God allow suffering? Come along for a fun look at these and other topical questions.

Come and join us for Year 5-6 Brain STEMS where we will discover the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), completing projects in the different areas and understanding the importance of each one in society. If you enjoy building, fixing or simply applying your knowledge, this club will be sure to motivate you.

This club provides additional opportunities and support for the 'Tycoon in Schools' Enterprise competition, which all Year 7 pupils will be entering during their ICT lessons in the Autumn term.

Working together in teams, they will develop an idea for a product or service for which they will write a business plan and create a presentation to pitch for a start-up loan from the Peter Jones Foundation.

They will use their ICT skills to create a variety of sales and marketing materials including presentations, posters, videos and spreadsheets, leading up to a product launch at the Christmas Bazaar.

Chess Club takes place every week throughout the year. We play in a relaxed environment and boys of any standard are welcome. Boys are matched with similar standard players and are given individual advice to help improve their play. The house chess championship is a keenly contested event at the end of each year!

Construction club is based around a challenge to build a variety of structures that link to the topic of Fun and Fantasy, which the children in Pre-Prep will be covering over the term. Each week there is a different set of construction materials to experience, from Lego and K'nex to a range of junk modelling materials. 

Pupils will develop a passion for food and will equip themselves with the skills to feed themselves healthily, with simple ingredients and enthusiasm! Each week we will be making something delicious to take home (if it makes it that far!) from tasty cheese and veggie pinwheel snacks to creatively crafted and delicious cupcakes. Sessions are run by Kate who is the owner of Cakes by Desire. Her speciality is cake art and as a trained Primary school teacher she aims to develop pupils’ love of cooking to find their inner chef.

The charge is £11 per session per pupil (which includes all ingredients) and will be applied to each pupil’s termly account in arrears. Please note that a charge for all sessions for the term will be applied regardless of sessions attended unless a pupil has been attending a school generated fixture or event and is unable to attend the activity for that reason.

Using iPads and the computers we will explore the cyber world! We will make videos, play games, explore different worlds, create cartoons and much more….

Each week a different issue is debated, with two speakers speaking in favour of a motion and two speakers speaking against. There are also opportunities to speak and ask questions 'from the floor'. Recent motions have concerned Britain's response to the Syrian refugee crisis, Britain's membership of the European Union and the industrial action taken by junior doctors.

Have you been inspired by David Attenborough and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to turn the tide on global warming and plastics in our oceans? Come along to Eco club and help us make a difference here at APS!

Each week pupils take part in fun activities based on one of the sciences, whether this is making bouncy balls with shop bought ingredients or building rockets and testing their projectile. We take part in individual and group activities where pupils can build their scientific enquiry skills. Pupils have a Eureka passport which gets stamped every week they attend providing them with bronze, silver and gold certificates.

Do you have green fingers? Can you grow plants as strong and tall as the beanstalk that Jack climbed up? Would you like to find out? Come along to gardening club and get hands on with the soil and seeds and see what you can grow!

German Club introduces pupils to the language and culture of German-speaking countries through a range of activities. Pupils have fun learning to communicate in German using basic vocabulary and phrases. They also find out about various customs and traditions of German-speaking countries too.

A fun session based around movement and games. Anything goes as long as we move. It might be team games, games with equipment, yoga and relaxation, moving to the groove or even walking in places we haven't ever discovered before. Bring your water bottle and get ready to GOOOOO!

Every week the children will be planting and learning about seeds and bulbs, making crafts for the garden (bird feeders and bug hotels) and developing their gardening skills. They will help take care of our grounds and find ways of conserving our world.

HTML and CSS Languages are used for creating, styling and structuring web pages. The HTML Coding Club provides an introduction to HTML code for pupils in Years 7 - 8. They learn the basics of how to build and edit web pages using projects that are provided by Code Club.

Each weekly session will focus on hands-on science experiments that help build scientific enquiry, investigation skills and encourage a love of science. Using the children’s own questions as stimulus the experiments may vary. From exploring how an egg could bounce to making magnetic slime, we will discover the wonders of science and try to find answers to some of our big questions.

This enables pupils to learn the alphabet used by the Ancient Greeks and to be introduced to some Ancient Greek words, particularly those with English derivatives. By the end of the course, pupils should be able to read and translate simple sentences in Ancient Greek.

We cover a diverse range of skills including animation, quizzes, graphic design and video making. Come along and have fun learning about and using different apps and features on the iPads.

This is a club in which to relax and have fun whilst being provided with exciting activities to develop many useful skills. By providing construction challenges to complete, the boys will need to hone their skills in communication, creativity and innovation, problem-solving and team-working. The challenges also provide opportunities for the practical application and reinforcement of mathematical, design technology and science knowledge.

Lego Club is open to pupils in the Junior Section (Years 3-4). In a relaxed and comfortable setting the boys are given freedom to design and build a variety of models. These types of activities encourage lots of interaction and role play; an important ingredient in a technological society.

The Lego WeDo robotics club provides an introduction to control technology and programming using robotics. Pupils learn by constructing their own models, such as a roaring lion and a goal keeper. They learn how to bring them to life by using the special programming blocks in Scratch, that interact with the motors and sensors in their creations.

The boys have the opportunity to learn about and connect with the natural environment through play and purposefully planned experiences in the school grounds. The ethos of Forest School is intrinsic and the boys gain new practical outdoor skills. Having fun is paramount and learning how to assess risk is an important aspect in their development. In Outdoor Explorers, safety procedures will be taught alongside activities. Planned supervised activities may include using a fire for cooking and small hand tools, knots, craft with natural materials and more importantly, approved activities the boys have requested. The boys have the opportunity to reflect and learn about themselves, each other and their environment.

Are you curious about other countries? Do you want to know how other people live, what they believe and how they celebrate events throughout the year? If you are then Mini Globetrotters is for you! A place to explore countries, cultures and faiths from around the world.

This club enables Year 8 boys to learn everyday tasks which will set them up for independent living as a modern man. This ranges from polishing shoes and sewing on a button to simple cooking and much more thrown in. If there are any everyday skills that the boys want to develop (within reason) it will be tackled with a healthy dose of competition and fun. Are you brave enough to become a modern man?

Purple Mash Computer Club is where pupils can practise their coding skills using a building block interface within Purple Mash. They create everything from dragon-dodging wizards to dancing robots then blog about their designs. 

The aim of Coding Club is to introduce boys in Y5-6 to understanding and writing code. Leading on from using Scratch in lessons, they are given the opportunity to use a programming language called Python. They learn the basic functions of how to create and draw patterns and images by moving the Python Turtle around the screen. By using the coding language, Python, boys are encouraged in their abilities to pay close attention to detail in order to debug their code, as well as using their own imaginations to develop their code further.

We are often blessed with young and lively outside speakers who visit us to lead the games and share some thoughts from the Bible. We look at a small palatable extract, discuss what it means and think how it applies to our lives. There is always fun and games involved too and we hold parties which are very well attended! It is a good chance to cement friendships whilst enjoying each other's company in a fun yet supportive and calm environment and there is also opportunity to pray either in silence or aloud as each boy feels comfortable. Several boys have commented that QUEST is an important time for them in feeling refreshed and revitalised for the challenges of the week ahead and the quiet moments of prayer can be a good place to leave their worries behind. Although a Christian group, boys of all views are most welcome and the atmosphere is warm and inclusive and all questions are welcome.

There is also the Abingdon Foundation Prayer Group for parents. For information, please see the Abingdon School Prayer Group page.

Pupils use Scratch, a graphical programming language, to learn key coding concepts. They create interactive projects by simply dragging and combining code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games. 

Spanish Club aims to introduce pupils to the Spanish language and culture through a range of activities, games and songs. Pupils learn how to greet each other and learn some basic vocabulary and phrases which include numbers, colours and food.

The charge is £5.00 per pupil per session and will be applied to each pupil’s termly account in arrears. Please note that a charge for all sessions for the term will be applied regardless of sessions attended unless a pupil has been attending a school generated fixture or event and is unable to attend the activity for that reason.

Using iPads, boys learn how to create short stop motion films (used to make animations such as Wallace and Gromit). These are made by capturing one image at a time, then playing back the sequence rapidly to create the illusion of movement. We bring objects such as Lego or plasticine models to life in short stories, written by the pupils themselves, using sets they have built.

This club aims to instill confidence in the basic skills of touch typing, and utilises resources from the website

Each session focuses on hands-on science experiments which help build scientific enquiry, investigation skills and encourages a love of science. Using the pupils’ own questions as a stimulus the experiments may vary. From exploring how an egg could bounce to making magnetic slime, we discover the wonders of science and try to find answers to some our big questions.

At Warhammer Club the boys are introduced to the Warhammer 40k game. They can build and paint their models, or use their completed models to play games against the other boys.

In the Well-being Club we focus on breathing, positive affirmation, yoga and meditation. The sessions help the children to grow their confidence, build self esteem and create a toolkit of strategies to assist them in coping with daily stresses. 

In this club, we will be looking at free writing for enjoyment. Every week we will tackle a new genre such as poetry, descriptive writing, stories and newspaper articles. The idea is that the boys can write for pleasure and can be creative, producing pieces of written work that they might not normally be able to within school.

In this club, we will be looking at extending the boys’ writing skills by allowing them freedom to experiment with words whilst sticking to a chosen genre. Genres covered will be varied and will comprise of poetry, descriptive writing, persuasive writing and word count stories, to name but a few. The boys will have the option of using ICT to create their work or they can still use pen and paper if they prefer. Writing for pleasure is important and this club aims to let the boys use their creative streaks alongside learnt skills that they already possess.

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