5 October 2021

The boys in the Middle Section had a true taste of democracy this month when voting for their class representatives. Each class in the school elects a class representative, chosen anonymously by their peers, to join the school pupil council. Abingdon Prep highly values the pupil voice, and the school council meets regularly to discuss all the ideas that the boys in each class bring to the table.

This month, the boys in Years 5 and 6 experienced this election as though they were voting in an election for an MP. Boys received a polling card with their name and the address of the polling station. They were escorted to the polling station where they presented their polling card and, after confirming their full name, received a ballot paper with the names of all the candidates. They then took these to their private polling booths and, careful not to spoil their paper, put an “X” next to the candidate that they wanted to choose, before folding their paper and popping it into the secret ballot box. The winners were announced by the Headmaster in assembly. Having spoken to several of the boys, they say that they now feel more prepared for what an election is really like, and will certainly vote when they are older. It’s not too scary really!

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