23 January 2017

Year 3 have been spotted around school using the digital cameras ready to print photo montages for their wooden photo frames in CDT. Working with an adult on the sewing machines they have also made a tooth fairy cushion for all those wobbly Year 3 teeth!

Year 4 boys have been constructing model Siege Towers using strong card and wood. With blood drenched spears and wooden battering rams, the early designs mean an exciting term lies ahead.

Year 5 have been constructing a simple table football game, although not in the traditional sense! Instead of goal mouths with nets, designs have included sharks in deep sea waters, lions in cages and dragons in a lair, all ready to catch the ping pong ball that crosses their path.

Year 6 have started the year crafting simple planes out of Balsa wood. They are near completion and will soon be displayed in the glass cabinets at the front of the school. The delicate shaping and the quality of finish demonstrate the excellent improvement in the boys woodwork skills this year.

Year 7 boys have made Crispin ‘Jitter’ his way out of his office to the CDT room. Using a 5g off centre pivot, the boys constructed a simple robot ‘Jitterpen’ to draw circular patterns on paper.

A new group in Year 8 have started the long process of making a set of wooden salad spoons alongside a plastics project to make a desk tidy.

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