17 June 2020

This half term we have seen many family extra CDT projects take place in the gardens at home. Boys have been helping build sheds, vegetable patches have been covered with nets, bird boxes have been produced and even guinea pig bridges and tunnels have been built.

In CDT lessons, Years 3 and 4 have been making shoe box dioramas. The boys created a plan and then set about changing a box into a 3D scene which has been the CDT challenge this half term. There have been space scenes, rainforest settings, volcanos, golf courses, Wimbledon, villages, dragons and dinosaurs and even an appearance from Jaws himself. As ever, the boys’ creativity and imaginations go above and beyond the design brief set. Thank you to all for sending in their photos of these fabulous makes.

Years 5 and 6 have been rising to another CDT challenge, to create a 3D paper/card city. Learning how to fold and cut ‘steps’ to front face buildings has been harder than it looks. The results range from colourful models to paper black/white prototypes to some 3D drawings. Much praise goes to the Year 6 boys whose resources were very limited whilst they had to remain at their desks under strict social distancing rules.

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