6 December 2016

The boys from all years have festooned the main hallway with lots of Christmas cheer to celebrate a busy term of making in the CDT room.

The Year 3 boys, who have spent their first ever term in the CDT room, have produced some wooden mobiles using the hand saws and pillar drill.

Look out for the beautiful Year 4 Christmas wall hangings on display as they are hand stitched on binca and decorated with felted motifs. With teacher assistance the boys used the electric fretsaw to make some unique wooden baubles. Levered Christmas cards have also been a hit and will hopefully make their way home soon.

Year 5 has set a high standard combining good woodwork skills to make a lattice pot with excellent control of the sewing machines to make some tetrahedron Christmas juggle balls. They are on display in the front glass cabinet. Individual wooden plaques displaying a Christmas theme have been produced from recycled wood donated by the Senior School.

Loud hammering noises have echoed down the corridor as Year 6 has produced some Christmas nail art as well as cutting coloured acrylic to make a festive heart tree.

Year 7 who have enjoyed a term of combining simple circuits with acrylics to make jitterbugs and desk fans, were equally creative adding new games to the Christmas Bazaar. Their fundraising skills were exceptional.

Year 8 are just completing some large scale wooden Christmas trees in groups which has proved challenging! The results hope to be displayed during the Carol Service.

Finally the Year 6 Textile group has used recycled wood to make the most beautiful Christmas night scene which has become the centre piece of the Christmas display. That alongside the school crib has ensured the real meaning of Christmas is not lost.

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