31 March 2017

‘Architecture Workshop’ visited the school to work with boys in Years 2, 4 and 6. The aim of the 3D workshop was to give the boys some open ended problem solving, where group work was encouraged to construct some large scale structures.

Year 2 learnt that the triangle was the strongest shape and changed some tetrahedrons into a giant birdhouse reaching to the roof of the sports hall.

Year 4 studied the structure of bridges and used wooden dowel and rubber bands to make trusses. Whether a suspension bridge or a simple beam bridge the boys had to display their group work for Martin, the leader, to test the stability of the structure by throwing it into the air! The boys were superb, thinking creatively and working as a team to produce some highly original models.

Finally Year 6 started their history topic early by making a Viking Longboat. An end game was undertaken where all the boys rowed the ship to the beat of a ferocious drum. The oars were pulled vertical on command and poor listening to the captain meant oarsmen were regularly thrown overboard!

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