14 September 2018

Edward in Year 6 tells us about his year group's 'bushcraft' trip:

On Thursday 6 September Year 6 headed to Cornbury Park for their bushcraft trip. When we arrived, we dropped our bags and went into the woods. When we got there we were sorted into tribes. Ours was called “SAS Blackberries”. Then we went to build our shelters. We had the choice of either sleeping in the shelters or in a tent. Then we had dinner and after some games we went off to bed.

On the next day after breakfast, we went off in the forest to play games such as “snipers” and made para-cord bracelets and carved our own tent pegs out of wood. For lunch we built our own fires and cooked burgers on them. Then we went to the lake. It was freezing and some of us decided to go swimming in it. We also learnt about cray fishing and lifesaving. After playing some evening games in the woods, we went off to bed again.

When we woke up we had breakfast which was pancakes with sugar. We played “snipers” again and then learnt how to make traps. We then got to make our own trap in a small group. I was sad to go home. Overall it was a really good trip. 

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