29 March 2018

The 3D problem solving ‘Architecture Workshop’ Company visited the school to work with boys in Years 2, 4 and 6 to round up the spring term in designer style! Large scale structures were constructed in groups using wooden rods and elastic bands only.

At the start of the morning, Year 4 studied the structure of bridges and made triangular trusses to form models of a beam bridge. This will form the start of next term’s CDT project. Year 2 learnt that the triangle was the strongest shape. They converted their tetrahedrons into a giant structure reaching to the roof of the Sports Hall. Finally Year 6 created a class Viking Longboat. With the boys on board, they rowed the ship to the beat of a drum, under the instruction of a ferocious master. Lazy oarsmen were thrown overboard into shark infested waters!

The boys had to think creatively and work as a team, and they needed to reach a joint decision (easier said than done at times!). Having to make the structures stable was the hardest job and some real problem solving skills were seen in action in all three year groups. 

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