29 January 2020

Boys in Year 8 have recently completed their geography coursework, which counts towards their final AP+ grades. All of the boys had to answer the key question: Using named and illustrated examples, describe features found on a Concordant and Discordant Coastline, and explain how they have formed and continue to change.

Most chose coastal locations along the Dorset coast, which they visited earlier in the year as part of their residential field studies trip. However, some opted to investigate other coasts, including those of East Yorkshire and North Devon. Completing their assignment also gave them the opportunity to employ our key skill strands, including researching independently using ICT, presenting their work in a variety of ways, including through ICT, and reviewing and improving their drafts before submission.

Higher order thinking skills were also employed in making connections between place, geology, prevailing conditions, the role of human intervention and processes and resulting features of erosion or deposition. Many boys chose to supplement their written assignment with formal presentations to an audience, model building (see photo) and the use of artwork.

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