7 March 2019

The first Abingdon Prep Victorian Waxwork Museum exhibition opened in exceptional style this morning. 

All of the boys in Year 7 took part in this exciting event. The aim of the Waxwork Museum was to persuade the curators (the teachers) why different famous Victorian characters should not be melted down and replaced by another waxwork.

The boys researched their famous Victorians, created fabulous A3 collages and wrote persuasive speeches giving reasons why they should remain in the museum. They also dressed as their character and there was a wide array of props (Mrs Beeton’s thick gingerbread was out of this world!).

The boys waited patiently until they were activated by pushing a button above their heads or beside them. They then ‘came to life’ and were animated whilst delivering their persuasive speech; the vast majority of which had been learned off by heart.

The event was a roaring success with all boys participating fully and all teachers being blown away by the standard of arguments and hard work that had gone into the event.

Queen Victoria and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were particularly popular, as were Cadbury and Rowntree (but for different reasons!).

Well done to all involved. 

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