25 February 2019

During the early Monday staff meeting, Katie was able to unveil a secret mission on a perfect sunny morning. A small outside space at the back of the staff room had been transformed into a communal seating area for a relaxing cup of coffee in the fresh air.

Together, Katie and the amazing Charles from the grounds team had been quietly working on the ideas for a few months, clearing the unused area and plotting a surprise for Craig after Half Term. Unbeknown to the staff or Senior Management, Charles cleverly made the benches, stools and table from recycled wood, in fact using some of the old fencing from Joscas' field. Old pallets were used for planters and a touch of CDT recycled acrylic added a bit of colour in the form of flowers. 

Charles' work was so admired that I hear commissions are coming in as I write. His passion to reuse and recycle is a great advert for the boys but the calm space created for staff in their busy days is also much appreciated. 

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