18 September 2014

Year One have had a great start to the year and we welcomed four new boys into our class. The days are so busy as we move around the school, meeting new teachers for new subjects and starting clubs after school. Paddington Bear has had his first journey home and we are looking forward to hearing of his adventures this year, but keep a watch on your marmalade jars! Through learning about our school we have used maps to follow a trail and discovered new places in our school we had never been to before. We found a fantastic conker tree which we decided was the best place to be in the school at the moment!  Fiona and Lesley are pleased with how many sums we can think of that make 10 and banishing our naughty ‘backwards’ numbers that try to trick us! We have worked hard at using a fork and knife at lunchtime and being super quick at changing into PE kit before the timer runs out! Today we spent time practising our writing skills, and we focused on 'b' and 'd'. We also spent time reading together.

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