28 June 2019

Year 7 had the chance to experience what it is like in a criminal courtroom during an afternoon kindly run by Mr and Mrs Vater. Natasha bravely volunteered to be in the dock and was accused of stealing two expensive bottles of wine from a corner shop.

John Vater QC, was judge for the afternoon and led the proceedings. All boys were part of the mock courtroom and acted in roles including a court clerk, usher, barristers for the defence and prosecution, witnesses and courtroom artists. The remaining boys made up two juries of twelve pupils.

After the eight barristers had cross-examined each witness and made their closing statements, the juries were sent away to consider their verdicts. One jury found the defendant guilty while the other jury could not reach a majority decision. Natasha was given a suspended sentence of 6 months in prison!

This was a great experience for everyone involved and a valuable insight into our country’s legal system. Thank you to the legal team who gave their time to run the event.

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