11 June 2015

The boys in 8S, as part of this term’s PSHCE programme, have planned, prepared for and then carried out a business challenge involving washing cars. This followed on from previous lessons in which they investigated how banks can help provide loans and support business projects.

The boys, under their appointed project manager, James, were divided into teams, each with a different responsibility. One team researched costings for cleaning products from different providers. Another concentrated on publicity and marketing the car washing event around school and on the school website. Yet another completed a risk assessment.

All the boys then received some training from an experienced expert in how to wash a car properly and provide good customer service. The next day they washed 13 cars at £5 per vehicle. This meant that, having subtracted £29 from their initial investment in cleaning products (which was then written off as charitable donation!) they made £36 net and £65 gross.

Customer feedback was clearly positive, as shown by the reward of some M & Ms from one happy customer, although Matty did suggest some advice for improving performance next time.

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