22 March 2016

The children in Reception celebrated 100 whole days of school. They had been counting lolly sticks each day, wrapping them up in groups of 10 and learning all about tens and units as the days passed. The run up to the final five days was so exciting with all sorts of party preparations such as making crazy hats with a 100 stickers to decorating magic 100 glasses with sparkling dots (100 of course!). When the day finally arrived we explored our new three digit number with excitement. We found all sorts of things to count and find 100, from stones and bricks to Lego and buttons. We wrote our Red Words 100 times and covered a horse with 100 spots. There were party games and then of course the party food. Healthy snacks that magically turned into digits… along with some treats too! We are all very sure what 100 looks like now.

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