With our brand new Spivi installation - A 3D simulation for the ultimate cycling experience. Launching in January 2020

12 November 2019

Tilsley Park is introducing an exciting new spin programme in the New Year, the Spivi System. Participants become an avatar which is projected onto two large screens to create a
real time group ride, simulating an outdoor riding experience, tracking your training goals, increasing motivation and encouraging better results.

The Spivi simulation system is linked to our state of the art Keiser M3i spin bikes, allowing you to become a virtual rider on the big screens.

We are believed to be the only sport and leisure centre in the area with this fantastic technology, and we hope that our members and the local community will enjoy using it.

We are introducing this exciting new spin programme in the New Year, to compliment our existing programme. Watch this space! January promotions are coming…

If you are interested and would like further information, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

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