Amey Theatre

The Amey Theatre, built in the 1980s, sits at the heart of Abingdon School’s Arts Centre.

The theatre is equipped with modern stage lighting and sound facilities and now boasts an 8mx5m cinema standard screen and projector for film screenings.

Supporting the main auditorium is a range of spaces including a conservatory style foyer, box office and the usual audience facilities.

The Amey Theatre acts as a focus for much cultural activity in the area and is a popular venue for local organisational events.

Additional services

The Amey Theatre Foyer is a conservatory style area constructed directly onto the side of the theatre. It is ideal as either an informal breakout space with a series of café style seating and tables or can be set up for a more formal end on talk.

It’s the perfect bright and open space to welcome guests before a performance or screening the theatre.

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