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Sir David Attenborough – ‘The Bucks are remarkable people because when they do imprint, they form a bond they can’t break and it means those swans are with them for life’

Back by popular demand, this delightful and heartwarming show welcomes back Lloyd and Rose Buck and their incredible birds for a unique live stream event.

‘Our Life with Birds’ promises to give audiences a chance to see a number of Lloyd and Rose’s feathered stars, from Eagles to Starlings and more, all raised and looked after with the utmost loving care by bird handlers Lloyd and Rose Buck.

This unique live stream show will include some of the best clips and stories from their unique life working on film and TV programmes from ‘Poldark’ to ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Sherlock’ and with stars from Sir David Attenborough to Hugh Bonneville to Joanna Lumley.

Over the last 25 years, husband and wife team Lloyd and Rose have devoted their lives to taking care of birds and mastering the art of capturing them on film. They are, without a doubt, the world’s experts at tracking birds and in-flight filming. They often appear on camera themselves and are frequent guests on television programmes such as ‘The One
Show’, ‘Springwatch’ and ‘Countryfile’. From Tilly the Golden Eagle to Alfie the pigeon, it’s unusual to find Lloyd and Rose without one of their feathered family under their arms.

This show promises to be an interactive wildlife experience like no other and is suitable for all ages.

Questions can be submitted in advance to Lloyd and Rose will do their best to answer as many as they can at the end of the show.

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