Published 21 May 2020

Wendy Davies is an Abingdon Sports and Leisure Club Member and attended a wide range of exercise classes with us before lockdown. She is training for the World’s Long Distance Aquabike Championships in September and as she has had to train independently, she’s found a way to keep herself motivated. 

Wendy has kindly shared her training journey so far…

“The beginning of lockdown marked a new chapter in my triathlon journey. I was used to a week full of swimming, cycling, running and strength training and could not imagine life without this regular routine and the people I trained with. Although if I’m being honest, whilst I’ve missed swimming with the squad, I haven’t missed the 6am starts! I had races booked for the whole year culminating with the World’s Long Distance Aquabike Championships in Holland in September. The prospect of training on my own for these long races though was daunting and I looked for something to keep me motivated.

Salvation has come with entering a virtual Lands End to John O’Groats bike ride. Every bike ride or turbo session is working towards completing the 1744km challenge. You receive regular updates on your progress across the country and receive postcards when you ride through major towns or historic monuments. The challenge doesn’t go a logical route and adds over 300km of riding compared to the normal LEJoG ride, but having an aim, and of course a medal at the end of it, keeps me motivated to get out and ride. Friends have also signed up, which gives a small competitive edge to the challenge too!

The empty roads have been a joy and for once, the bike has been the king of the road. With only 350km left on the challenge I’m looking forward to virtually finishing and hope that maybe next year I’ll be able to do the challenge for real”.

Wendy davies (abingdon sports and leisure club member)

Thank you Wendy. On behalf of the Abingdon Sports and Leisure Team, we wish you the very best of luck completing this challenge!


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