April 2014
Mr Roger Hodkinson (OA 1979)
Bruce and Debbie Howard
Mr Tony Howell (OA 1960)
Mr Michael Howes (OA 1952)
Mr Michael Hudson (OA 1953)
Charlie and Jacquie Hughes
Mr Keith Hume (OA 1944)
Mr and Mrs Julian Hyde
Mr Crispin and Dr Lucy Hyde-Dunn
Mr Mark Hyman (OA 1964)
Dr Andrew Iddles (OA 1969)
Mr Martin Iredale (OA 1956) and his
sons Mr Edward Iredale (OA 1983) and
Dr Mathew Iredale (OA 1985)
Mr Lindsay J. Irvine
Mr and Mrs Simon Jefferson
The Jeffreys Family
Mrs Fiona Jennings
Mr Peter Jones (OA 1944)
Mr Tim Jones
Mrs Jane Jørgensen
Dr Andrew King (OA 1962)
Dr and Mrs Ko Wing Man
Dr and Mrs Alex C.W. Lai
Mr Yung Kai Law
Mr Kevin Lay (OA 1964)
Mr Neil Leah
Mr Colin Leigh (OA 1941)
Mr Richard Lesser (OA 1944)
Dr Frederick M.L. Leung and
Mrs Peggy Leung
Dr David M. Lewis (OA 1977)
Dr Gavin Lewis (OA 1977)
Mr Terence Libby (OA 1961)
Kaye and David Lillycrop
Mr David Lindesay (OA 1978)
Dr David Richard Lindgren (OA 1993)
Mr Mark Lintott (OA 1978)
Mr Mike I. Litchfield (OA 1994)
Mr Michael J.H. Liversidge (OA 1966)
Jane and Andy Lloyd
Dr Andrew Longstaff (OA 1966)
Mr Crispian Lord (OA 1992)
Monica Lovatt
Mr and Mrs Mark Lovejoy
Mr Charles Lowe (OA 1976)
Ms Rong Lu
Dr Heather Lumsden
Miss Felicity Lusk
Dr Bruce G. Mackay (OA 1963/64)
The Macpherson Family
Mr and Mrs Richard Maddison
Mr and Mrs Mario Magé
The Mallett Family
Dr Robert G. Mann (OA 1986)
The Mannix Family
Lt Col Tym Marsh (OA 1963)
Dr and Mrs Stephen Matthews
The Maxted Family
Mr Graeme May
Dr and Mrs Paul McCubbin
Mr David McGill
Mrs Su McRae
Dr Jonathan Mercer (OA 1981)
The Mercers’ Company
Mr Ian Middleton
The Miell-Ingram Family
Lt Cdr Graham Milton (OA 1970)
Mr Philip Minns (OA 1968)
Drs Anthony P. and Zoia L. Monaco
Mr George Moody
Mr and Mrs Christopher Moreton-Smith
Mr Alistair Morfey (OA 1978)
Mr Ralph Morgan (OA 2006)
Mr Tim Morgan (OA 1959)
Mr Gareth Morris (OA 1976)
Mr Thomas Morrow
Mr Richard H.R. Mortimer (OA 1983)
Mr Adrian Mutton (OA 1992)
Mr George Nasmyth (OA 1969/70)
Dr Graham Nayler (OA 1977)
Mr Gerald Nicholls (OA 1952)
Mr Peter North (OA 1958)
Michael and Erla O’Byrne
Mr Ian Oliver (OA 1958)
Rod and Niki O’Shea
Mr Chris Owen
Mr Charles Parker
Mr Anthony Pavlovich (OA 1995)
Mr James Peterson (OA 1997)
Dr Roger Phillips
Mr Chris Pickup (OA 1960)
Ms Shirley Ma
turns the
second piece
of turf for the
future Yang
Science Centre.
The Head, Miss
Felicity Lusk
The Chairman
of Governors,
Mr Adrian Burn
(OA 1963)
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