April 2014
First World War
Centenary Lecture
The First World War:
Myths and Realities
Gary Sheffield, Professor of War Studies
at the University of Wolverhampton, one
of Britain’s foremost historians of the First
World War and author of a number of
significant books
The Chief:
Douglas Haig and
the British Army
Forgotten Victory:
The First World War,
Myths and Realities,
will deliver Abingdon
School’s First World
War Centenary
Lecture on:
Thursday 20 November 2014
7.30 pm Amey Theatre, Abingdon School
All pupils, parents and OAs are warmly
invited to attend.
Admission free
Staff Profile:
Bishan Huang
This year’s Chinese assistant, Bishan
Huang, comes from Xiashan, near
Zhanjiang in Guang Dong Province,
where she lives with her husband and
nine-year-old daughter and teaches
English at the local sixth-form college.
Having never been abroad before,
although she has travelled widely in
China, Bishan thought the time had
come to learn more about the country
whose language she has been studying
and teaching for so many years. And
she wanted to come to England, rather
than go to Australia, Canada or the US,
because it is the cultural heart of this
The experience has not only been
fascinating in terms of the places
she has visited but it has been
instructive too. Our extensive use of
computers both in the classroom and
to communicate with staff, parents
and boys is very different from her
Chinese school ... as are the boys
themselves. She finds them much more
independent, always asking questions
and wanting to know ‘why’. When she
returns to China she says that she is
going to encourage her pupils to ask
questions as she very much likes this
evidence of independent thinking.
Abingdon School
The Chapel is now graced with a new
hymnbook, a special collection of all
the best-known and best-loved hymns,
which have been chosen by past and
present pupils and staff, and paid for by
donations from the same quarter. The
Abingdon School Hymnbook, published
with both cerise and grey covers,
replaces the old
Hymns Ancient and
and contains hymns that are
both ancient and modern!
Thursday 24 April
Chemistry Lecture: Developments in
Chemistry and Medicine
Dr Nick Barker, Department of
Chemistry, the University of Warwick
4 pm: CMR
Thursday 1 May
Roysse Society Lecture:
Why Study the Humanities?
Professor AC Grayling, Master of
New College of Humanities, London
6.30 pm: CMR
Friday 2 May
Edmund Society Lecture:
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Dr Stephen Mulhall, Fellow and Tutor
in Philosophy, New College, Oxford
4 pm: Hospitality Suite
Geography Society Talk
Professor Ian Goldin, Professor of
Globalisation and Development and
Director of the Oxford Martin School
at the University of Oxford
4 pm: Westridge Room
Wednesday 4 June
Geography Society Talk
James Fry, Agricultural Policy
4 pm: Westridge Room
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