April 2014
Experiencing the Past, Present and Future on School trips last term
Economics and Business Studies students watch glass
blowers at the Ruckl Glass Factory in Prague where
old fashioned, low-tech, labour intensive methods of
production are still in effective use.
Upper-sixth physicists, attending a Particle Physics
Masterclass at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, saw
the Diamond Synchrotron which harnesses the power
of electrons to produce a bright light used to study
anything from fossils to jet engines, viruses to vaccines.
A View of Paris
Taking the
waters at
Bath Spa on
the Second-
year’s visit
in February
… not such
a good
Watching a recently acquired 3D printer in
Abingdon’s own Design Technology Studio.
A Taste of
the Past
From the top of the Eifel
Tower on the Third-year’s trip
to the city last December.
Seeing the Future
The Future Today
Watching the Past
Seeing how
gloves were
made in the
century at
which the First
Years visited in
The Past in the Present
An Ancient Activity
The View from
the Trees
Enjoying one of the many
challenges on offer on the First-
year adventure trip to Liddington
over the Easter holiday.
The ancient tradition of bell ringing is being kept up
at Abingdon where for its second annual outing on 1
March, the Bell Ringing Club rang the bells in Ashbury,
Shrivenham, Longcot and Uffington.
You can see and watch them here:
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