April 2014
The Year 4 Tudor explorers arrived at Sulgrave Manor full of excitement for the day ahead
and they weren’t disappointed. Their first mission was to get dressed up and transform
themselves into Tudor sailors. Looking the part in breeches, doublets and caps the boys
toured the various rooms discovering the home comforts they would miss once they set sail.
Overheard from an explorer –
“My favourite room was the kitchen where we learnt about
what Tudor sailors ate on sea journeys. It was funny when we thought the tack biscuits
had chocolate chips in them but actually they were maggots! Yuck!”
Tudor sailors explore Sulgrave Manor
Excitement was building as the whole
school congregated in the hall to listen
to the final round of the annual House
Music Competition. The adjudicator
this year was Chris Fletcher-Campbell,
who is a familiar face from the senior
music department at Abingdon. He
gave some very helpful remarks to
each performer before choosing the
year group winners and then an overall
winner. This year Ashwin Tennant
picked up the overall prize for his
accomplished piano performance of
1st Arabesque.
House Music
Scholarships and Awards
Seven academic, art and music scholarships and awards were won to senior schools this
term including the top academic scholarship to Abingdon for the third year running.
is complete
This year’s production was a new play called
, a black comedy written by our
own Head of English, Simon Littlewood. The ambitious production tackled a number
of interesting questions. Could good and evil be reconciled? Are we the orchestrators
of our own fate? Are there souls that can inspire global conciliation? All run-of-the-mill
themes for a prep school play! I don’t think we can be accused of dumbing down our
productions! The cast developed their own interpretations and characters with craft and
skill and the thought-provoking performances were very well received.
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