April 2014
Abingdon’s golfers are the
Independent Schools Golf
Association regional champions
following their win over Cheltenham
College at Burford on 5 March. The
final will be held at Carnoustie in
Scotland at the end of April.
The 46th annual Road Relay on 17 March saw a record entry of 600 runners in 150 teams. Christodoulou’s Lower 6th
group won the race in a time of 35 minutes 36 seconds; Christian von Eitzen recorded the fastest time, 7 minutes 46
seconds but first across the line was the two-man team of Alex Gatenby and Guy Screaton in a time of 35 minutes 16
seconds. However, as only a two-man team they couldn’t qualify as winners.
A summary of the results can be found by following the link on this page:
Hockey’s excellent term was
epitomised by the 1st XI who had
11 wins and one draw. Out of 14
fixtures they only lost to Bradfield
College and Marlborough.
The full results of all the teams can be found here:
The photograph shows Abingdon’s senior
and intermediate cross-country teams
who won the County Championships
last term and regularly won silver
and gold in their competitions.
The full results of all the teams can be found here:
A Round-Up
of Sport from
the Lent Term
Cross Country
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