April 2014
Thanks a million… and more!
£1,325,000 raised for Abingdon School Science Centre
In just 12 months, donations from more than 400 Old
Abingdonians, current and former parents, and governors and
staff, coupled with a major grant from The Mercers’ Company
and a major gift from the Yang Family, have enabled Abingdon
School to raise £1,325,000 for a new Science Centre, to be
called the Yang Science Centre.
With the fundraising Appeal completed, on 27 March, boys,
parents, staff, governors and donors, with spades in hand,
marked the laying down of the new building’s foundations.
The group, which represented all aspects of the School
Community, dug a 5m x 5m replica of a floor plan that had
been spray painted into the turf. Construction has now begun,
and the Yang Science Centre is scheduled to open for the start
of the school year in September 2015.
Abingdon School would like to thank all those who
have supported this vital fundraising Appeal:
Anonymous donors (85)
Abingdon School Parents Association
Mr Peter K. Ablewhite (OA 1968)
Mrs Jacqueline M.G. Adams
Mrs Sara K. Adamson
Mr John Aguilar (OA 1980)
Mr Paul Allen (OA 1988)
Mr and Mrs Richard Ampleford
Mr David Andrews CBE (OA 1952)
Mr and Mrs David Andrews
Mr Mark Andrews Q.C. (OA 1978)
Mr David Anning
Mr Stuart Asbury
Professor Brian Avery (OA 1965)
Patricia and Tom Ayling
Dr Oliver Bagshaw (OA 1979)
Roger and Ruth Baker
Mr Fred Barnes (OA 1967)
Mr George Barrett (OA 1946)
Ian, Kathy, and
Jonathan (OA 2010) Barrow
Mr William Beaton (OA 1936)
Mr and Mrs Rupert Beazley
Mr Michael Bett (OA 1961)
William, Thomas and Jonathan Bibby
and family
Mr Sandy Black (OA 1981)
Mr and Mrs Simon Blackwell
Mr David Blomley (OA 1976)
Mr Kingsmill Bond (OA 1985) and the
Bond Family
Mr Peter F. Booth (OA 1960)
Dr Peter V. Bosley (OA 1966)
Mr Chris Bovey (OA 1970)
Dr Humphrey Bowen (OA 1957)
Mrs Margaret Bowkett
Mr Richard Bradley
Mr Philip Braithwaite
Mr and Mrs Neville Brampton
Dr Jeremy Breckon (OA 1977)
British Schools and Universities Foundation
Mr Adam R. Brodie (OA 2001)
Mr Nicholas D. Brodie (OA 2004)
Mr Bryan Brown
Mr Anthony J. Brown
Mr Chris Browne (OA 2000)
Dr Deborah Fahy Bryceson
Professor Timothy D.H. Bugg (OA 1983)
Mr John Bunce (OA 1962)
Professor Kathy Burk
Mr Adrian Burn (OA 1963)
Mr Roger Burridge (OA 1963)
Dr Tim J.A. Butler (OA 2000)
Dr Ian Bye (OA 1979)
Didier Delgorge,
Alasdair Czaplewski,
and Liam McNinch get
ready to turn the turf.
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