London Drinks Reception
On a cold Wednesday evening on 4
December, a hundred and eighty OAs,
spanning eight decades, together with
current and former staff, descended
on the National Liberal Club for the
annual London Drinks Reception. As
usual, this was an incredibly enjoyable
event, giving OAs a chance to hear
about the School, catch up with old
friends and make new contacts.
Hockey 1st XI v OAs
This year’s 1st XI v OAs match took place at Tilsley Park on 28 March. The OA team
featured players from a number of different year groups, as well as a couple of the current
hockey staff. The game was an even contest on the new blue turf at Tilsley Park and,
despite the fact that the 1st XI ran out comfortable winners, the OAs created a number of
chances which could have resulted in a few more goals. The 1st XI won 6–1.
OA team:
Charles Lowe (1976), Luke Carter (2013), Kevin Stanton (1978),
Kieran Boddington (2013), Julius Coventry (2013), Rory Phibbs (Staff),
Henry Chamberlain (Staff), Gregor Hearn (2012), Rhys Cadman (2008),
Sebastien Wilson (2008), James Jesper Holland (2010), Oliver May (2008),
Jamie Older (Former Staff), Freddy Howe (2010), James Rogers (2013), Bas Marshall (2015)
Year Group Reunions
Saturday 7 June, Abingdon School
Reunions for 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959,
1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989,
1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009 leavers.
Starting at 6 pm with a drinks reception
and tours of the School (led by current
and former members of staff) followed by
a buffet dinner. If you would like to see
a particular teacher at the event, please
and we will
attempt to track them down. Partners are
welcome. Booking (no charge) at
This year, the leavers of 1989 celebrate
their 25 year anniversary and those of
1964 their 50th. How much has School
and school life changed since you were at
We’ve lost contact with some OAs – please check the online list and put us in touch with “lost” OAs from your year group:
and Now
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