The OA Club runs a small grants programme for OAs. Grants are awarded from two funds:

  • Personal Fund
  • Group Fund

The Personal Fund is open to any individual OAs applying for support of a personal or professional development opportunity. The OA Club interprets professional development very broadly and has previously funded work experience, internship placements and vocational and professional training courses. Gap year projects, medical electives, an OA’s first degree, postgraduate degree, or law conversion courses will not be funded.

The Group Fund is open to all OAs applying as a group to support experiences in sport, music, art, drama, or other collective endeavours.

The OA Club Committee assesses each application on its individual merits, and is open to considering all applications that meet the general criteria. However, preference is generally given to applications from OAs who left Abingdon School within the last ten years and who can demonstrate that the award would make a significant contribution to their ability to undertake the development opportunity.

Application Guidelines

  • In most cases, the maximum grant is £500 or 50% of total costs, whichever is less. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the OA Club Committee.
  • Applicants must be OAs who left Abingdon School in good standing any time after Year 5. Former pupils who left Abingdon School before Year 5 are not eligible to apply.
  • Grants are not given for expenses that have already been incurred by the time of notification of a grant.
  • Grant recipients are asked to provide a written and illustrated report of their experiences and learning points to the OA Club Committee within two months of the activity being completed, which may then be published in the Griffen.
  • Grants are only awarded in advance of a personal/professional development or group activity and grantees must provide proof of expenditure when submitting their report.

When to Apply
Grants are made annually at the June meeting of the OA Club Committee. Applications should be submitted by 1 May.

How to Apply
Submit an application here.

If you have any questions, please contact the OA Club Office.  [email protected]