Now firmly fixed in the OA Club calendar, the annual Sixth Form Careers Evening is a sociable yet highly constructive opportunity for early- to mid-level career OAs to return to the School and pass on their professional insights and advice to current students.

At this year’s event on Friday 16 November we were delighted to welcome back around 30 OAs representing an array of industries, with job titles ranging from Sound Engineer to Senior Private Secretary, Sports Editor, Solicitor, Scientist, British Army Officer and much more.   

The evening commenced with a relaxed drinks reception in the Yang Science Centre before sixth formers heard from two concurrent panels of OAs, who spoke broadly about their career choices and professional paths to date. This was followed by a series of three career discussion sessions between individual or pairs of OAs and small groups of students, where in-depth conversations about specific industries were given room to develop. 

At the closing buffet dinner, the OA Club Chairman, Ken Welby, shared his takeaways from the evening, highlighting that creativity is one of the most important skills that a student can hone if he is to go on to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career. 

With many thanks again to all OAs who volunteered their valuable time and knowledge at this event. 

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