Despite all the odds, 11 OAs made their way to Waste Court Field to play the Abingdon First XI. 

The First XI were due to play their final game of the season against another school, but due to the opposition pulling out, were in need of a team to play against. Our OAs stepped up to the challenge, taking on the First XI in what was originally set to be an OA vs OA match.

Due to ongoing works at Tilsley, the OAs were treated to a visit back to the main School site and a game on Waste Court Field.

A competitive and enjoyable fixture, the OAs put up a brilliant fight but were defeated by the First XI, with the final whistle blowing on a score of 3-1.

The OA Club Office is grateful for the support of Tom Donnelly, Director of Football, and to all OAs who travelled far and wide despite the current climate, to play. Particular thanks to Graeme Innes (2004) and his family who travelled from Moldova, and for the last minute additions of Peter Moore (2013) and Ben Curtis (2017) which meant we had a full team.

We would be delighted to hear from OAs whether there is a better time of year to play this fixture, so that more footballers are able to attend. Please do email your feedback to [email protected] before we confirm the 2021 date.

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