Widening Access

Professor Mike Stevens, Chair of Governors, Abingdon SchoolAbingdon School has thrived for over 750 years and, combined with Abingdon Prep School within the Abingdon Foundation, we now educate over 1250 boys aged 4 – 18 years across our two sites. We combine our long and rich history with a progressive outlook, always looking forward and remaining ever mindful that we not only carry the highest responsibility for the education of our pupils, but also to ensure that the Foundation remains a force for good in our local community and the wider world.

We want to ensure that the young men who leave Abingdon each year carry with them a sense that they are the best that they can be: in academic achievement, in sport, music, the arts and in the social relationships so important in all spheres of their interest and endeavour.

We recognise the excellence of our buildings and facilities, and the qualities of our staff and our boys and have seen how, in contributing to our rapidly expanding partnership programme, this ensures that Abingdon can share with and learn from colleagues and peers in the many other schools with which we now have relationships.

We particularly recognise that there are other boys of great ability who could gain so much from an Abingdon education but whose family circumstances do not permit this without assistance from our bursary programme. We want to expand such opportunities to broaden and encourage diversity amongst our community.

Our first impact report is available and a copy can be obtained from [email protected]. I hope it interests you and that you will feel encouraged to support and develop our plans for the future in any way you can.

Professor Mike Stevens, Chair of Governors (OA 1968)

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