Abingdon School Prospectus

We believe that classroom learning should only be one half of the reason for coming to school and only one half of what will be important to boys as they mature – which is why we devote so much time to our Other Half programme. With dedicated space in the weekly timetable as well as after lessons, boys are free to choose a number of extra-curricular opportunities each term from our range of over 120 activities. They might be drawn to the excitement and camaraderie of the Combined Cadet Force or DofE, the mental challenges of chess or board-gaming, the journalistic opportunities of newspaper and magazine writing, the altruistic enjoyment of volunteering in the community, or the development of a new skill such as computer programming, debating, or robotics. Whichever activities a boy pursues, the two halves of an Abingdon education add up to a whole school experience that enables our students to become well-rounded, resourceful and ambitious learners. The Other Half