Abingdon School Prospectus

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life Focused and ambitious, Abingdonians have the drive to succeed

Passionate and perceptive, Abingdonians are curious about the world

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life Bold and determined, Abingdonians are not afraid of a challenge

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life Bright and open-minded, Abingdonians are independent thinkers

Generous and considerate, Abingdonians think about their place in the world and support one another

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life

Although Abingdon is based on long traditions of scholarship and learning, it’s also a school that embraces innovation and fresh thinking. Our pupils are remarkable young people with exciting futures, and we encourage them to think for themselves and to develop a spirit of independence that will enable them to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. And while educating young people is a great responsibility that we take very seriously, our school is also a place of laughter, fun and discovery – a place where open-minded, confident and well-rounded young men are formed. Mike Windsor, Headmaster

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School Life

The pupils are proud of their school and there is a true sense of belonging.” ISI Inspection

Facts and Figures 2023/24 Academic Success isn’t just about hard work. Success stems from passion and curiosity – which is why it’s a natural outcome of an Abingdon education. The breadth and depth of our subjects, together with our encouragement of independent thinking, mean that each boy can follow his own interests and strengths – not filling an Abingdon mould, but thriving and succeeding in a unique way. We combine a wide variety of traditional academic subjects with contemporary disciplines, practical classes, cultural trips and the arts – all taught by our enthusiastic, expert staff who love to spark creative thinking and passionate debate, making learning a challenging and compelling experience for every boy in the class. This means that students leave Abingdon with some of the best results in the country, well-equipped to continue their learning at any of the world’s top universities and to enjoy fulfilling futures of exploration, discovery and accomplishment.

We believe that classroom learning should only be one half of the reason for coming to school and only one half of what will be important to boys as they mature – which is why we devote so much time to our Other Half programme. With dedicated space in the weekly timetable as well as after lessons, boys are free to choose a number of extra-curricular opportunities each term from our range of over 120 activities. They might be drawn to the excitement and camaraderie of the Combined Cadet Force or DofE, the mental challenges of chess or board-gaming, the journalistic opportunities of newspaper and magazine writing, the altruistic enjoyment of volunteering in the community, or the development of a new skill such as computer programming, debating, or robotics. Whichever activities a boy pursues, the two halves of an Abingdon education add up to a whole school experience that enables our students to become well-rounded, resourceful and ambitious learners. The Other Half

Facts and Figures 2023/24 There’s a great range of activities to do and a lovely atmosphere.” Owen

It’s great being all together in one house. It’s a proper community.” Josh

Facts and Figures 2023/24 School is a place of discovery, where boys learn about themselves and the world around them, and at its best this is a hugely exhilarating, fun and rewarding time. We want to make sure that all our boys are emotionally and mentally healthy so that they are able to enjoy their school experience – and to help each other to do the same. That is why we have a strong emphasis on community. Every student belongs to a house throughout their time at Abingdon, creating a sense of family and putting them in the care of a dedicated housemaster. Each boy also has a personal tutor, who he meets with every day, as well as being a part of our peer-mentoring system, which encourages the boys to look out for one another. We also dedicate space in the timetable to think and talk about issues like healthy living, rights and responsibilities, self-esteem and relationships. As a result we have a learning environment that develops our boys both intellectually and emotionally, giving them a balanced perspective on life and encouraging them to grow in resilience, confidence, generosity and kindness. Pastoral

Sport Sport is good for both the body and the mind, so from beginners to international athletes we offer every boy the opportunity to get involved and to develop in a wide range of sporting activities. Our Sports Centre is equipped with an eight-lane swimming pool, squash courts, a climbing wall and a series of fitness suites, as well as a martial arts and fencing studio. We also have 60 acres of sports pitches, including all-weather surfaces for hockey, football, rugby and athletics, and have a boathouse on the River Thames within easy reach of the school. Both individual and team achievement is important and every boy is expertly coached to reach his full potential. There are frequent opportunities to compete and our boys have enjoyed great success at regional, national and international levels. We value sport not only for its health and fitness benefits but also for the camaraderie, teamwork and self-motivation it inspires, and we’re proud of the renowned dedication and good-sportsmanship of all our Abingdon teams.

Facts and Figures 2023/24 Rowing at Abingdon gave me a huge amount... it’s an honour to be representing the School in the Boat Race. While I will be wearing dark blue, I will have my heart beating pink.” Ollie​Cook, World Championship Rowing Gold Medallist

Facts and Figures 2023/24 During a formative time of exploration and discovery, Art, Design and Technology offers a significant opportunity for students to evaluate and express their thoughts, questions, feelings and observations. In both timetabled lessons and Other Half activities, boys are encouraged to develop their creativity and design ideas through a variety of media – from painting and printmaking to ceramics, digital design, sculpture and woodwork. Our Art department houses a number of large studios, workshops and classrooms, each equipped for general Art, Design and Technology but also with specialist facilities, including a wide range of professional-standard machinery. And our highlyskilled staff – practising artists in their own right – strike a balance between helping the boys to master key skills and techniques and encouraging them to develop their imaginations and their ability to visually communicate ideas and meaning. Regardless of age or ability, we find that the creative arts improve our boys’ self-discipline, develop their lateral thinking skills and spark creativity and innovation across their studies. Creative Arts

Whether boys prefer performing under the bright lights or managing them from behind the scenes, our Drama programme offers everyone a range of enjoyable and enriching new experiences. Throughout their time at Abingdon, boys have the opportunity to learn theatre arts such as mime, stage combat, puppetry, sound and lighting techniques and set design, as well as familiarising themselves with a wide variety of writers and genres. To showcase these skills we produce a bold and entertaining mix of classical plays, musical theatre and contemporary work across the school year, many staged in our own 450-seat theatre and often in partnership with neighbouring girls’ school St Helen and St Katharine. We also have our own award-winning Abingdon Film Unit, through which the boys can create their own short films under the guidance of a team of film-industry professionals. These creative endeavours not only improve the boys’ confidence, cultural awareness and communication skills, but also give them a unique outlet for personal exploration and self-expression. Drama

Facts and Figures 2023/24 We know the school, teachers and overall education, relationships and care at Abingdon is fantastic, the boys are proud and love their school.” A parent

Facts and Figures 2023/24 Music Whatever style of music a boy prefers, and whether he wants to make it a career or enjoy it as a hobby, he’ll find opportunities to explore and develop his musical interests at Abingdon. Music is a key part of both our curriculum and Other Half programme and the standard of our music education is high, with a number of students in most years going on to take Scholarships at top Oxbridge colleges and conservatoires. Yet we also make sure music is enjoyable for boys of all ages and abilities. In addition to the availability of individual instrumental and vocal lessons, students can get involved with any number of orchestras, choirs and bands – from gospel to jazz, blues to classical. We regularly stage a variety of concerts and musical theatre productions in our own impressive facilities, and many of the orchestras and choirs also have opportunities to tour and perform abroad. Wherever Abingdon boys perform, the same skill, creativity and love of music shines through.

Boarding houses are familiar second homes to boys, shared with the same students, housemaster and resident tutors throughout their time at the school. Day boys also belong to boarding houses, ensuring a good mix, and the friendships formed provide a stable and supportive foundation for academic exploration and learning. The houses themselves encourage an active, fun and friendly community life – in addition to bedrooms and study areas, the boys have a variety of communal spaces with sociable activities like table-tennis, pool, computers and TV. We have a wonderful mix of local and international boarders, creating a vibrant and culturally diverse environment. A great variety of activities is available to the boys in non-school hours, including paintballing, sailing, punting, bowling, socials with girls’ schools, and a wide-range of trips. Our boarders also learn to take responsibility for organising their daily lives, engaging with simple tasks such as cooking and laundry as well as personal admin and money management, preparing them for independent life beyond school. Boarding

Facts and Figures 2023/24 The quality of boarding is excellent and parents are highly appreciative of the outcomes for boarders, the provision and care, and the leadership of boarding.” ISI Inspection

Facts and Figures 2023/24

2 CHAPEL GREENING COURT SPORTS CENTRE SCHOOL HOUSE BOARDING CRESCENT HOUSE BOARDING Facilities Abingdon occupies a 35 acre site in the heart of Abingdon, 6 miles from the university city of Oxford. We are fortunate to have extensive facilities at Abingdon. These include a 446 seat theatre; a science centre housing 21 teaching laboratories, study areas, project rooms and preparatory rooms; a dedicated sixth form centre; library; arts centre; Sports Centre and swimming pool; Humanities centre; and dedicated DT workshop. In addition to our main 35 acre site, we have further facilities at Tilsley Park multi purpose sports grounds; our boat club; and Cox’s fields which is situated at our Prep School. As part of a continuing comprehensive development programme, 2023 will see the opening of our extended and renovated boarding facilities, as well as a contemporary new dining pavilion. Abingdon School OX14 1DE Abingdon Prep School OX13 5NX 4 miles Additional Sports Facilities: Tilsley Park OX14 1PU Cox’s Field OX13 6QL Abingdon School Boathouse OX14 5NP Upper Field Waste Court Field YANG SCIENCE CENTRE War Memorial Field FARINGDON LODGE BIG SCHOOL MULTI-FAITH PRAYER ROOM

3 VISITOR PARKING A R T S C E N T R E LACIES COURT TILSLEY PARK MERCERS’ COURT RECEPTION AUSTIN HOUSE BOARDING By Car Oxford 6 miles Central London 60 miles By Train From Oxford from 52 mins From Didcot from 38 mins By Plane London Heathrow 48 miles London Gatwick 85 miles For further information on how to find us, please visit abingdon.org.uk Lower Field ABINGDON SCHOOL LONDON BEECH COURT

1256 1375 1563 1743 1870 1977 2023 4 Lower School we are over 750 years old Steeped in history but with a modern approach to learning, we continually evaluate our education to ensure each student can fulfil his potential. Facts Some facts about Abingdon School

5 70% of all passes were grade A* and A Abingdon School 10 Houses Sixth Form 96 Tutor groups 1:9 Teacher student ratio Middle School Each student is known and cared for 91% of passes were awarded A* to B grades 81% of passes were awarded grades 9 to 7 The results speak for themselves A Level results 2023 GCSE results 2023 34% of all passes were grade 9

10 10 Number of pupils Number of pupils 0 0 20 20 30 30 40 40 50 50 80 80 100 100 90 90 70 70 60 60 110 110 120 120 10 0 20 30 40 50 80 100 90 70 60 110 120 6 FOR LATEST RESULTS VISIT ABINGDON.ORG.UK/ACADEMIC/GCSE-A-LEVEL-RESULTS Ancient History Business Studies History Politics† Latin Physics English Literature French (Pre-U) Geography Maths Philosophy German (Pre-U) Further Maths Greek Music Religious Studies Spanish (Pre-U) Chemistry Economics (including St Helen’s) DT Drama‡ Biology Art A Level Results 2023 † taught at St Helen’s ‡ taught jointly with St Helen’s A level grade equivalencies have been used for Pre-U grades in the statistics above. Abingdon uses the Pre-U for French, German and Spanish. A* A B C D E-U Computer Science Number of pupils Extended Project Qualification A* A B Psychology (including St Helen’s)

7 DURHAM Ancient, Medieval and Modern History Biochemistry English Literature and History General Engineering Geography (3) Geography History History Liberal Arts Modern Languages and Cultures Natural Sciences Philosophy, Politics and Economics Physics Theology and Religion International CANADA University of Toronto, Canada USA Carnegie Mellon University Columbia University and Trinity College Dublin (joint degree) University of California at Los Angeles NETHERLANDS Leiden University Our leavers go on to attend a diverse range of courses at a wide selection of British and international universities. This list is correct as of August 2023 and refers to the university places secured by those who applied in the 2022/23 UCAS application cycle. Where known, we have also included places won outside the UCAS system. Where a number is shown in brackets, this refers to the number of Abingdon students taking the course. Leavers’ Destinations 2023 Russell Group places in 2023 80% (place deferred to 2024) SURREY Aerospace Engineering PORTSMOUTH Criminology and Cybercrime BIRMINGHAM Geography Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Politics and International Relations Politics and International Relations Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences EDINBURGH Business Management Chemical Engineering Computer Science Electronics and Computer Science History Religious Studies Theology YORK Economics Philosophy SOUTHAMPTON Biochemistry Biomedical Sciences Chemistry Chemistry with Digital Methods and Computational Modelling Computer Science Electronic Engineering Physics Physics with Astronomy WARWICK Discrete Mathematics Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, Economics Politics and International Studies KINGS COLLEGE LONDON Religion, Philosophy and Ethics IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON Economics, Finance and Data Science Mechanical Engineering UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Architecture Economics Mathematics Medicine Psychology with Education LOUGHBOROUGH Psychology Sport and Exercise Science LEICESTER Biological Sciences LIVERPOOL Engineering Mathematics and Economics GLASGOW Geography SUSSEX Philosophy READING Medical Sciences BRUNEL UNIVERSITY LONDON Mathematics and Computing NEWCASTLE Business Management Chemistry Combined Honours Geography Human Nutrition LEEDS Geography International History and Politics International Relations Mathematics and Philosophy Modern Languages and Business Product Design NOTTINGHAM Mechanical Engineering Modern Languages with Business Philosophy Politics and International Relations Product Design and Manufacture Sociology SHEFFIELD Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mechanical Engineering SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY Sport and Exercise Science BRISTOL Aerospace Engineering Engineering Design History (2) History (2) Liberal Arts Mechanical Engineering Physics with Astrophysics BATH Accounting and Finance Architecture Biology Biomedical Sciences Chemistry Civil Engineering Computer Science Economics with Politics Economics Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering International Management and Modern Languages (French) International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish) Management Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science Mechanical Engineering Natural Sciences OXFORD Ancient and Modern History Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) Chemistry (2) Classics (2) English and German History (2) Music Philosophy and French Physics OXFORD BROOKES Accounting and Finance Motorsport Engineering Psychology Real Estate CAMBRIDGE Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Engineering History and Modern Languages Natural Sciences (3) LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCE Geography with Economics Mathematics with Economics Philosophy and Economics ROYAL AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Agriculture EXETER Ancient History Business Economics Engineering and Entrepreneurship English Flexible Combined Honours Flexible Combined Honours Geography Geography (2) International Relations Mathematics with Finance Mechanical Engineering Politics and International Relations CARDIFF Economics and Finance Financial Mathematics Human Geography and Planning Medicine SWANSEA UNIVERSITY Applied Medical Sciences Biomedical Sciences Geography Mechanical Engineering MANCHESTER Drama and English Literature Economics History

25 25 25 0 0 Number of pupils Number of pupils Number of pupils 0 50 50 50 75 75 75 100 100 100 125 125 125 175 175 175 200 200 200 150 150 150 8 English Literature English History French Drama DT Geography Greek German Electronics Biology Chemistry Chinese Computer Science Double Science Art Ancient History GCSE Results 2023 FOR LATEST RESULTS VISIT ABINGDON.ORG.UK/ACADEMIC/GCSE-A-LEVEL-RESULTS Latin Maths Music Physics RS Additional Maths FSMQ§ 9 8 7 6 5 4-2 D-E Spanish § The FSMQ is a free-standing Maths Qualification and does not count as a GCSE. The A* grade is not applicable to this exam. 1 U grade not included. A B C

9 Buses arrive Students in School and meet with their tutors Assembly or Chapel Period 1: Lessons for all Period 2: Lessons for all Break – an opportunity to relax with friends, visit the Café, house rooms, library etc Period 3: Lessons for all Period 4: Lunch / Other Half activities / tutorial / assembly for some, lessons for others Period 5: Lunch / Other Half activities / tutorial / assembly for all on some days Period 6: Lunch / Other Half activities / assembly for some, lessons for others Period 7: Lessons for all (except Wednesdays when Other Half activities take place for all) Buses depart Period 8: Other Half activities 5.20pm 4.00 – 5.05pm 3.05 – 4.00pm 2.00 – 2.55pm 1.10pm 11.15 – 12.10pm 10.50 – 11.10am 10.00 – 10.50am 9.00 – 9.50am 8.45am 8.35am 12.20 – 1.10pm Below is an example of timings for the school day. We shape the timetable to get the right balance. Timings do vary across year groups and from day to day. The school day

10 Abingdon has an international perspective We currently have students from countries around the world 45 SPAIN Hockey Language & Culture Rowing FRANCE History Language & Culture Rowing Skiing GREECE Classics Sailing ITALY History Classics SLOVENIA Geography MOLDOVA Volunteering MADAGASCAR Biology SICILY Classics USA Politics BELGIUM History GERMANY Cultural History Language & Culture Physics Rifle Club HONG Music BARBADOS Cricket AZORES Geography SWITZERLAND Physics NICARAGUA AND COSTA RICA Expedition Our students travel the world, broadening their minds and gaining invaluable experience of cultures and countries. Below provides an indication of the type of trips our students would take in a normal school year. There are Old Abingdonians in 62 countries

11 Our facilities 2023 Newly renovated and extended boarding accommodation now open New dining pavilion now open 450 Seat theatre 8-lane 25m indoor swimming pool 21 Science labs CHINA Cultural KONG JAPAN Music Boathouse Over 60 acres of sports pitches with all-weather surfaces for rugby, hockey, football, tennis and athletics Dedicated Computer Science, Economics and Business Studies Centre

12 pupils Over play musical instruments 440 International Sportsmen 11plus more than 34 regional and 85 county representatives pupils represent the School in a typical Lent weekend across nine sports 630 Ensemble Groups Sport Music 31 2022/23 Highlights 25 Post-grade 8 and diploma standard musicians 2 Choral and Organ Scholarships to Oxford and Cambridge in the last three years 31 Sports available to try Drama 7 major productions a year

13 Alumni Just a few of the famous names who have enjoyed success in their chosen careers Mike Bartlett Robin Bourne-Taylor Sir Kim Darroch KCMG Simon Evans Foals Tom Hollander Max Hutchinson Jonny and the Baptists Toby Jones Sir Nicholas Kay KCMG Ben Macintyre Francis Maude MP David Mitchell Huw Parmenter Radiohead Sir Vivian Ramsey Sir David Tanner CBE Old Abingdonians stay in touch with the school 6900 Over

14 students currently receive free and subsidised places through bursaries 75 Joining us Admissions Lower School (aged 11-13) Entry at age 11 is mainly from primary schools and independent schools that teach to the age of 11. Middle School (aged 13-16) Entry at age 13 is predominantly from prep schools and international schools. Upper School or Sixth Form (aged 16-18) Entry at age 16 is from a range of schools in the UK and abroad. Entry at other ages may be considered if places are available. References from a student’s current school, interviews and entrance examinations are required at all entry points. For the Sixth Form, admission is dependent on examinations and interviews, school references and, where appropriate, performance in GCSEs. Scholarships and bursaries There is a range of scholarships and awards at ages 11, 13 and 16. The School also offers a number of means-tested bursaries up to 100% of fees. FULL DETAILS ON THE ADMISSIONS PROCESS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE What next? Please get in touch with us to find out more. You can... Fees Fees per term for the academic year 2023/24. An acceptance deposit is required to secure a place. Call for further information +44 (0)1235 849041 Browse our website abingdon.org.uk Book a visit at ​ abingdon.org.uk/ admissions/ visit-abingdon Complete the online registration form Day (including lunch) £7,825 Weekly boarding £13,030 Full boarding £15,960

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Bus stop is also served on the PM bus. pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm* + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm* + pm* + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + pm + sportif citroen Bus routes Run in conjunction with St Helen and St Katharine, our Joint Bus Service (JBS), transports students to and from our School site safely. Managed by specialist school transport company, Vectare, the service offers families great flexibility, allowing travel to be booked up to midnight before the day of travel and 24/7 from any location. The map below is an example of the morning routes available. For up to date routes, timings and costs, please visit jbs.vectare.co.uk The Prep School bus service can be booked at abingdonprep.vectare.co.uk and is managed and driven by our friendly in-house driving team.

16 independent day and boarding school for boys aged 4 to 18 years The School’s Aims and Ethos, Policies and Inspection reports are available on the school website. Abingdon School is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment. Abingdon School A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Company No. 3625063 Registered Charity No. 1071298 Registered Office: Abingdon School, Park Road, Abingdon, OX14 1DE Headmaster: Michael Windsor Park Road, Abingdon Oxfordshire, OX14 1DE +44 (0)1235 849041 [email protected] To contact the governors of the school email: [email protected] abingdon.org.uk Design by mccdesign.com independent day and boarding school for boys aged 4 to 18 years The School’s Aims and Ethos, Policies and Inspection reports are available on the school website. Abingdon School is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment. Abingdon School A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Company No. 3625063 Registered Charity No. 1071298 Registered Office: Abingdon School, Park Road, Abingdon, OX14 1DE Headmaster: Michael Windsor Park Road, Abingdon Oxfordshire, OX14 1DE +44 (0)1235 849041 [email protected] To contact the governors of the school email: [email protected] abingdon.org.uk Design by mccdesign.com