Abingdon School Prospectus

Facts and Figures 2023/24 Academic Success isn’t just about hard work. Success stems from passion and curiosity – which is why it’s a natural outcome of an Abingdon education. The breadth and depth of our subjects, together with our encouragement of independent thinking, mean that each boy can follow his own interests and strengths – not filling an Abingdon mould, but thriving and succeeding in a unique way. We combine a wide variety of traditional academic subjects with contemporary disciplines, practical classes, cultural trips and the arts – all taught by our enthusiastic, expert staff who love to spark creative thinking and passionate debate, making learning a challenging and compelling experience for every boy in the class. This means that students leave Abingdon with some of the best results in the country, well-equipped to continue their learning at any of the world’s top universities and to enjoy fulfilling futures of exploration, discovery and accomplishment.