APS News 33

8 Abingdon Prep • April 2023 OLIVER! JR - CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE? PERFORMING ARTS AND MUSIC For one night only near the end of term, the Amey Theatre buzzed with excitement as the curtains rose on the Senior Section’s production of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! Jr. The talented young cast and crew dazzled with their hard work and dedication. The stunning set designs and atmospheric lighting transformed the theatre into the gritty streets of Victorian England, immersing the audience in another time and place. Some exceptional acting and singing in leading roles raised the bar of the night’s success. Rupert’s emotive portrayal of Oliver and his heartfelt rendition of Where is Love? captivated the audience, while Freddie’s charismatic performance as the Artful Dodger had the crowd clapping along to Consider Yourself. Notable characters Fagin, Nancy, and Bill Sikes were brought to life by Oskar, Arun, and Joseph, respectively. Oskar’s masterful portrayal of Fagin added humour and humanity, while Arun’s passionate performance of As Long As He Needs Me left the audience breathless. Joseph’s menacing presence as Bill Sikes commanded the stage. The ensemble cast also shone in group numbers like Food, Glorious Food and Oom-Pah-Pah, showcasing incredible teamwork, and all was aided by the backstage crew. The whole production of Oliver! Jr was a testament to the hard work and commitment of all pupils and staff involved, leaving a lasting impression as one of the school year’s highlights.