Parents' Handbook 2023-24

Finance Notification of Charges Fees Charges The School charges tuition fees and other costs in relation to the educational provision to its pupils. The contract between parents and fee-payers is governed by the School’s Terms & Conditions. In this section we provide you with some brief information about payment methods and payment timings and advise you who to contact should you require further information. Registration Fee to confirm a parent or fee-payers interest in a pupil being assessed for admission to the School. The School charges parents and fee-payers such amounts as are reasonably incurred in the provision of an Abingdon School education. These include: Tuition fees and sundry charges are usually raised through a termly fee bill which is sent to parents and fee-payers shortly after the end of each term. Fee bills are emailed to your nominated email address. Other charges may be raised on an ad-hoc basis. If you have questions about the amount being charged you should contact the Finance Office. 16