Parents' Handbook 2023-24

Transport Bicycles Parents’ Cars Day Student Coaches Sixth Formers’ Cars and Motorcycles It is parents’ responsibility to arrange transport for their child to and from school. Our school bus service (JBS), transports students to and from our school site safely. Managed by specialist school transport management company, Vectare, the service offers families great flexibility, allowing travel to be booked up to midnight before the day of travel and 24/7 from any location. All bookings, whether ad-hoc or as a new passenger, can be made via the JBS online booking system at The website also incorporates an interactive journey planner, allowing passengers to enter their post code to find their closest bus stop, as well as accessing the JBS Travel Guide which includes further details of the service, payment and our terms and conditions. The routes available are continually being updated, so it is always best to check the most up to date routes by visiting Please note that it is compulsory for all students who utilise this service to wear seatbelts. We thank parents for their continued support in this matter. If you are bringing children to school by car, please drop them outside the school grounds, in order to minimise congestion on the drives and reduce the risk of accident. Students should be dropped in Park Crescent where traffic circulation can be free flowing and not in the cul-de-sac of Park Road by the school Open sheds are provided for day students coming to school by bicycle. For security reasons, bicycles should not be left at school over half term or during holidays. Day students are recommended not to leave their bicycles at school overnight. Parents are asked to make sure that their child is aware that, for the benefit of pedestrians, cycling is not allowed on the site and that the use of safety helmets is compulsory when riding to and from school. gates. If the Christ’s Hospital gate across Park Road is closed, please do not enter the school grounds at all unless it is absolutely essential to do so. You should note that Christ’s Hospital does not allow cars to be parked in Park Road or Park Crescent (unless you are collecting your child and remain in the vehicle). Clampers operate in Park Road and Park Crescent throughout the day and night. Christ’s Hospital strictly forbids the parking of cars on the grass verges. Cars may not enter the coach park at any time between 8.00 – 9.00am and 4.00 – 5.30pm. The School strongly discourages students from using their own cars or motorcycles for travelling to school. Limited parking in the Lower Field Car Park is available to Prefects at the discretion of the Upper Master. School grounds are available only for members of staff and visitors. 15