2 April 2017 Welcome to the latest edition of Abingdon News. No fake news here - just a colourful and full account of our pupils’ exploits over the past term. A particular personal highlight was the day I spent shadowing a third year pupil. It was a packed and varied day, starting with a discussion of the Trump phenomenon in tutor group and finishing with a French lesson spent describing Impressionist paintings. Along the way, I had the chance to complete an experiment in Chemistry, join in with a Drama class, discuss the nature of warfare in the Great War and talk about Shakespeare’s use of wordplay in Twelfth Night . My guide for the day and his friends were excellent company, happy to share their views of the school and to show me their daily routines. I was impressed by the way they engaged with their studies throughout a very varied day. It was also exciting to see them being challenged and stretched in every lesson; a particular high-spot was when a pupil exclaimed ‘that’s so cool!’ on learning a new fact in Computing - a moment for a teacher to treasure. My day with the Third Year was also a reminder that our pupils live busy and fruitful lives, rising daily to academic challenges alongside their commitment to the Other Half. I hope they - and their families - had a restful and refreshing break over Easter. Michael Windsor, Headmaster From the Headmaster Abingdon News The sun came out and our guests really felt that spring had begun at the Community Service Tea Party. Many thanks to upper sixth former, Archie Williams, who compered his last tea party, after four years of dedicated volunteering. Community Service Tea Party Oxford University Physics Department’s Accelerate lecture on particle physics, demonstrating the effects of very low temperatures on the properties of materials (a bunch of flowers!) with liquid nitrogen.