APS News No21

2 September 2019 Abingdon Prep News Dear Reader, The year has drawn to a close with lots of lovely celebrations showcasing the achievements and talents of so many of our boys. All of them should be proud of their efforts in so many different areas of the curriculum. It has been such a pleasure to see them acting on stage, playing their instruments and singing in the Summer Concert, giving their all at Sports Day, gracing the cricket pitch and generally making the most of their opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Our Year 8s will be moving on to their senior From the Headmaster After winning the ‘Head for the Day’ raffle prize at the Christmas Bazaar, Philip (Year 5) appointed his brother, Alex (Year 2), as his deputy. They welcomed the boys and parents into school, even picking up on untucked shirts! Philip gave a terrific assembly on his team Greece, and their 2004 European Championships victory, relating it brilliantly to not giving up on a dream. He then announced it was shirt sleeve order and that lunch break had been extended for the day. Philip and I then toured the school to see what the boys were learning in their lessons. Philip’s choice of iced donuts for dessert was a popular option and Philip and Alex then went out on duty too. It was a great day and both boys have bright futures in education ahead should they wish to follow that path! Head for the day schools with all our best wishes, and I know that they will impress their new teachers in the same way they have impressed us. They have been fantastic role models and excelled in their academic performances and Other Half contributions. In sport this year, we have two national champions in cross country and table tennis, numerous representatives at the football Gothia Cup in Sweden, six players at rugby academies and another four at football academies. We have also achieved an astonishing eight music scholarships and exhibitions to go along with our other nine awards in art, sport and, of course, academics. But, just as importantly, all our boys have continued to support charities, local, national and international, supported one another when it has been needed and generally been upstanding young citizens. These character traits are hugely valued and a core part of life at Abingdon Prep. I hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays, especially the heat wave that I am currently writing this in, and that you are looking forward to the new school year. Best wishes Craig Williams The Nasio Trust Charity was delighted to receive the many bars of soap, boys’ underwear, toothbrushes and shoes that APS families kindly donated last term. These were distributed to boys and girls at the Nasio Trust Children’s homes in Kenya along with letters and gifts to our four sponsor children.