Sport and PE

All information on fixtures, including team sheets, results, locations and staff contact details for all sports can be found on and we recommend parents add this to their favourites. If accessed from a mobile device, this webpage loads as a mobile app. Expectations In order for us to honour our competitive fixtures list and provide the well-documented benefits team sport can provide, the School expects every student to be available for all sports fixtures within their own core sport and other half options. We ask for parents’ support in this matter. We do, however, recognise that there may be exceptional circumstances (such as a family wedding) where students are unable to participate on a Saturday. On these rare occasions, leave can be requested by emailing the Headmaster and copying in the Director of Sport. Please provide as much notice as possible, and at least one week in advance. Selection policy Team selection and management is the prerogative of the team coach (or coaches). They give due diligence to the selection of players within particular teams and, throughout the course of the year, continually review and assess a child’s ability and potential. As a result, they are best qualified to take all factors into consideration and to make the right decision for the team as a whole, endeavouring to strike a balance between encouraging excellence and giving opportunities for all. It can be disheartening for a child to be dropped from a team but our coaches will always explain why this has happened. Not all children can be in ‘A’ teams but it is also very important that those who are, do not boast or criticise the play of those who aren’t as this can be very hurtful and undermining and the School will not condone this behaviour. Team sheets Parents are asked to presume their child is in the squad for their chosen sport unless informed to the contrary. Team sheets are published on the Thursday ahead of a Saturday fixture; and on a Monday evening ahead of a mid-week fixture. Sometimes, however, selection is only finalised a day beforehand, so please bear with us. In addition to being published on the website, players will be informed verbally about selection. It is the responsibility of parents and students to check the team sheets and we recommend this is done the day before a fixture. Fixtures & Match Day Protocols Page 07