Sport and PE

In 1st Year to 3rd Year: students receive one 50 minute lesson each week. In 4th Year and 5th Year: students received one 50 minute lesson each fortnight. Physical Education: This is a timetabled activity for all students in Lower School (1st and 2nd Year) and Middle School (3rd to 5th Year). The curriculum focuses on activities that are predominantly not defined as ‘traditional games' such as swimming, health related exercise, gymnastics and athletics. Other Half Sport: Offered outside students timetabled lessons, the Other Half expands sporting opportunities as well as providing an extension to the Sports curriculum. These sessions are run during lunchtimes, after academic lessons during period 8, the Wednesday afternoon Other Half slot and at weekends. There is an extremely wide range of options available and students choose what activities they would like to do each term, in consultation with their tutor. Athletic Development: Our Athletic Development programme has been implemented in the Physical Education and Core Sport curriculums; as well as the Other Half opportunities. It focuses on holistic and long-term training with the aim of benefiting the health, well-being and physical literacy of all students as they progress through School into adulthood. As part of this approach, students will learn to become accountable for their actions within sport, PE and daily exercise. This helps to create an appreciation for the countless health benefits that exercise has to offer, along with solidifying life-long habits. Sports Programme Page 04