Sport and PE

Sport plays a central role in the journey of Abingdon pupils in various different forms, whilst also providing the platform in which pupils form some of their fondest memories throughout their time at school. We aim to provide a range of sporting experiences and opportunities; inspiring, nurturing, encouraging and challenging pupils to seek engagement with, and enjoyment from, sport and physical activity, in order to develop their abilities to the full. Now, more than ever, sport is valued far beyond its physical benefits, and pupils form inter-personal qualities and life skills alongside communication and leadership abilities within our programme of traditional sports, which is enhanced and supported by a wide range of alternative options and delivered through our four separate programmes - Core Sport, Physical Education, Other Half Sport and Athletic Development. These programmes, together with further information on the sporting structures, systems and expectations at Abingdon are outlined within the following pages. I very much look forward to welcoming you to Abingdon. Tom Donnelly Acting Director of Sport and PE Welcome Page 02