Sport and PE

Illness on the day of a fixture In the event your child is unable to attend a Saturday fixture due to illness, we ask parents to contact the relevant member of staff in the first instance (details on so that replacement players can be sought. Parents may also use the sports department emergency number (on page 1) or contact the Director of Sport. Uniform Students are expected to wear school uniform prior to, and after, all sports fixtures (unless specified to the contrary on the team sheet). Students should wear Abingdon sports kit, as requested by their chosen sport (outlined in the School Uniform section of the website) at all matches and training (this may mean a quick turnaround in the washing machine on a Friday). Match tea All players are expected to attend the post match hospitality provided and to socialise with their own team and, where possible, the opposition team. We firmly believe this is a vital aspect of the sporting provision, helping players’ bodies recover from the physical exertion of the match and also offering students a time to reflect on, and talk about, their individual and team performance. Spectators Parental encouragement can be of great benefit to players and the wider team and so we warmly welcome parents to attend fixtures - both home and away. Fixtures & Match Day Protocols Page 09